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Fast and efficient processes in your company

Whether you're a retailer or supplier and whether your company is large or small, nexmart always guarantees a secure and simple way to get started in eBusiness. Our products and services allow you to simplify, optimise and accelerate your business processes. You gain an overview of your data, avoid errors, and save time and costs.

We'd be happy to help you figure out which solutions best suit your company based on your unique requirements.

The benefits to you at a glance

  • The easy way for you to get started with eBusiness
  • Effective, automated processing of the entire digital value chain
  • eBusiness process integration - tailored to your needs
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Simplify complex IT infrastructures and save on development costs
  • Optimise sales and marketing
  • Increase customer satisfaction


Our solutions allow you to automate, optimise and accelerate your business processes. See for yourself how effective our innovative eBusiness portfolio can be.

nexmart Connect

Get connected!

With nexmart Connect, we connect retailers and suppliers for fast, strategic, and error-free communication.

nexmart Mobile

Mobilise your forces! 

Speed up searching and order entry with nexmart Mobile. You can use our products without being tied to your workstation, for example in your sales activities.