nexmart for retailers

Industry network and information source for order processing

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free-of-charge use

More oversight of data flow, the latest article data, smooth order processing, efficient processes and tools to support your field service staff – all of this is available to you with nexmart. This saves you time and costs.

The benefits to you at a glance

  • A centralised industry network of more than 230 suppliers
  • Search and order articles 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Immediate information about the latest article data, including price, availability and delivery time
  • Direct connection to your ERP system
  • Existing purchasing conditions are retained
  • Easy to use with industry-tailored order functions
  • Use of the online Market is free of charge


Our solutions allow you to automate, optimise and accelerate your business processes. See for yourself how effective our innovative eBusiness portfolio can be.

nexmart Connect

Get connected!

With nexmart Connect, we connect retailers and suppliers for fast, strategic, and error-free communication.

nexmart Online

Network with your industry!

nexmart Online brings retailers and suppliers together in a complete industry network. This gives you an efficient way to do business that saves you time and costs.

nexmart Mobile

Mobilise your forces! 

Speed up searching and order entry with nexmart Mobile. You can use our products without being tied to your workstation, for example in your sales activities.

nexmart Data

Manage your data flow!

Optimise data maintenance! nexmart Data helps you bring all your product data together in one place, give it structure, and manage it.