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We aim to simplify, optimise and accelerate business processes. That's why we offer innovative, end-to-end eBusiness products and services to support the activities of our customers. We set ourselves the goal of providing electronic support for data distribution, process enhancement and industry integration so that each and every market participant can achieve increased productivity.

In addition to our products and services for the construction industry, with a particular focus on tools, fittings, ironware, fastening technology, welding technology, gardening tools, security engineering and industrial technology, as well as work safety products and factory equipment, we also offer our services to prospective customers across all industries.

Innovative products for …


Use our central industry network with more than 230 suppliers in Europe! And, let nexmart help to optimise eBusiness processes between you and your suppliers.
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This industry network allows you to network with more than 7,000 retailers in Europe. nexmart offers you everything you need for successful processing of your entire digital value chain.
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Systems partners

Win new customers and tap into new industries! nexmart helps you to broaden the scope of your offering and set yourself apart from your competitors. As a result, you'll always be one step ahead.
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Prospective customers

nexmart gives you a really simple way to get started with eBusiness. We provide you with support and get you connected, so that you can automate and optimise your business processes with a minimum of effort.
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