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About catalog View

catalog View enables manufacturers to convert product data for individual products that has been prepared in data View into a catalogue structure with categories. The resulting catalogue can be incorporated into a manufacturer's website and displayed accordingly. When manufacturers update or add to their product data or when they add new products, the display on the website is adjusted – in real time. In this way, manufacturers can ensure that retailers and end customers can always locate the latest information with a minimum of effort. If catalog View is used in combination with retail Connect, manufacturers can accompany end customers along the entire customer journey. End customers can find information on the manufacturer’s website and select the products they require from there. They are then directed to the retailer’s online shop or physical POS, where they can complete the purchase.

Please see our product flyer for more information. Download the PDF file now.
catalog View – Allow your website to shine

All features at a glance

Product catalogue

Facet filter (attribute filter)

Version presentation

Quick product search thanks to the supportive suggestions list

Corporate branding option

Search engine optimised

Only in conjunction with data View

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Is a PIM system required to use catalog View?

No, a PIM system is not essential. nexmart can create an eBusiness-compatible catalogue from your existing, structured data (Excel, CSV etc.) and integrate this into your website. All you then need to do is to keep the flat files up to date.

Is catalog View search engine optimised?

Yes. This increases your coverage and boosts your visibility.

Can I use catalog View to present different product versions?

Yes, that is possible. This is done using various filters or by selecting a particular product criterion.

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