nexmart Connect

Get connected!

nexmart Connect connects retailers and suppliers with just one interface. Your existing ERP system can simply be connected to the nexmart system. All nexmart Connect solutions pave the way for fast, strategic, and error-free communication.

EDI Center

The EDI Center ensures that you and your customer are always "on the same page" when trying to pinpoint errors in the EDI process. All EDI messages are transmitted via one channel and are displayed centrally in the EDI Center. 

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EDI to Mail

A single ordering method for all brands and suppliers. EDI to Mail effectively saves time and costs with just one electronic ordering method. The ordering process itself does not change and no system modifications are required.

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documents to EDI

With documents to EDI, you have more time to spend on activities that generate value. All orders you receive via e-mail, as a handwritten fax, or as a PDF, Excel or Word file are digitised automatically by nexmart and then transferred to you and archived via EDI.

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ERP Connect

With ERP Connect, you as a retailer can view your individual prices, availabilities and the delivery status of the orders you've placed with your suppliers. And you can choose to do this using our online Market solution or the data Cloud in your ERP system directly.

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retail Connect

With retail Connect, you increase your sales by bringing prospective customers directly to your website to make purchases. Either with a personal consultation in your retail partners' regional branch stores or in their online shops directly.

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