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We harness the digital evolution!

nexmart represents simplified digital eBusiness processes between manufacturers and retailers as well as mapping the entire customer journey for the end customer. Your benefit: reduced complexity and higher efficiency. You can take advantage of more than 16 years of experience in eBusiness – and can look forward to more growth and increasing sales.

nexmart simplifies digital communication between manufacturers and retailers. This saves time and money – and also boosts growth and sales.
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The ideal solution for every process

nexmart offers manufacturers and retailers a complete eBusiness portfolio that digitally maps all business processes.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or retailer, find out more now!

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Your career at nexmart

Learn more about how you can take your career to the next level at nexmart! Exciting challenges and team spirit await you here. We are a company that encourages a healthy balance between work, family and free time, in the industry of the future—eBusiness.

Start your future now at nexmart. Take on new responsibilities and let your potential unfold at a company that prioritizes your opportunity to grow.

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