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What we stand for

“We harness the digital evolution!” We follow this principle consistently in the digital networking of manufacturers, retailers and end customers. Our focus: to automate, optimise and simplify processes. This saves our customers a lot of time and generates significant increased sales.

How it all began

nexmart was founded in 2002 by approx. 30 shareholders.
The aim: to enable electronic communication between manufacturers and retailers in the business-to-business sector via a common online platform.
The result: our online Market – a steadily growing industry network that today brings together over 300 manufacturers and over 10,000 retailers and is jointly managed and further developed by the industry and trade.

That’s what we do today

nexmart has developed into an international company for e-business solutions. Over 100 employees work across 8 locations to promote digital communication between manufacturers and retailers.
The key component – our online Market – has remained the same. However, our solutions have long been used in other industries as well – not only in the business-to-business sector.

nexmart World Map
nexmart branch officesnexmart branch offices under developmentcountry operations managed from Germany

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