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About online Market

With our online Market, manufacturers can offer their products to a broad range of retailers from the industrial B2B sector and also provide them with product data for their complete product range, which can be imported into the retailers’ own systems. Retailers can easily find products in the manufacturers’ catalogues and can manage the entire order or purchase with just a few clicks, thanks to the simple checkout process. In addition, retailers can transfer the product master data directly from online Market to their ERP systems, where they can then use it for orders via EDI Connect, for example. All of which ensures greater efficiency – for manufacturers and retailers.

Please see our product flyer for more information. Download the PDF file now.
Please see our product flyer for more information. Download the PDF file now.
online Market – Access to over 10,000 retailers

All features at a glance

Edit, save and archive orders

Create favourites and order templates

Ability to make price and availability queries with ERP Connect

Quick product search thanks to the supportive suggestions list

Retailers can quickly add to and upload the shopping cart

PDF export for product data sheets

Spare part search using exploded drawings

Promotion handling

Links to accessories from the main product

Extranet channel for online presence (special function for manufacturers)

Optional combination with documents to EDI

Prerequisite for retailers: the manufacturer has commissioned the service

An overview of all nexmart solutions