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hünersdorff: how the market leader in fuel canisters has established a smart ordering process.

Because fast and reliable order entry is essential for customer satisfaction.

Products from hünersdorff are present everywhere: from sight boxes, assortment boxes and tool cases to measuring cans and funnel systems. As the market leader for fuel canisters in Europe, the complete manufacturing and distribution of our products takes place to over 2,000 customers worldwide. 

Demand for the products has increased significantly in the last two years. This led to an increased volume of orders and inquiries, which in turn resulted in longer processing times. Due to the shortage of skilled workers, it has not been possible to compensate for the processing times to a sufficient extent by recruiting new qualified staff.

Thanks to the implementation of documents to EDI, hünersdorff was able to fully automate and significantly accelerate the ordering process. The highlight: Even orders from a non-automated channel, such as fax or e-mail attachments, could be recorded easily and automatically.

Case overview

Kim Joachim Heinrich

„At hünersdorff, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. That is why we are continuously working to improve not only our products, but also the ordering and information process. We want to ensure that orders run as smoothly as possible and that our customers have all the relevant information at their disposal. To achieve this, we rely on digital innovations.“

Kim Joachim Heinrichhünersdorff project management documents to EDI & domestic customer service


B2B customers today place great value on fast order processing as well as the availability of product information via a variety of interfaces.


The processing of manual orders - for example by mail or fax - led to an increased volume of work in the sales department due to the increased order volume in recent years. Due to the tight labor market situation, it was not possible to increase the workforce to the necessary extent in the short term. In addition, manual orders were more prone to errors. The result was longer waiting times for customers and an increased risk of incorrect orders.


In order to maintain the high quality standard in our customer service, we have opted for automated order entry with documents to EDI. Everyday tasks such as the processing of manual order processes can now be handled efficiently.


Our goal was to drastically reduce the processing time of manual orders in order to relieve internal resources and increase productivity. As a result, our employees have more time again for customer service and other essential sales activities.

The nexmart effect


Around 60% of all orders previously entered manually can now be entered automatically


Thanks to documents to EDI, automated order entry is now 10x faster than the previous manual order processing.


Errors that occurred during manual order entry have been completely eliminated. The error rate is therefore 0%.

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