Your extensive premium industry network

nexmart makes business processes simple. With innovative products and services, we can digitally map all of your B2B activities. Thanks to our efficient, automated eBusiness workflow, we can increase your productivity, allowing you to save on time and costs. We specialise in the construction industry, with a particular emphasis on tools, fittings, ironware, fastening technology, welding technology, gardening tools, security engineering and industrial technology, as well as work safety products and factory equipment. We also offer our eBusiness portfolio to prospective customers across all industries.

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Your service provider for …

The largest source of information for the industry

  • Central platform with over 230 suppliers
  • Search and order 24/7
  • Up-to-date article data
  • Display your individual prices and availabilities
  • Connect to your ERP system
  • Existing purchasing conditions are taken into account
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Available to use free of charge
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The industry network for efficient retail

  • More than 7,000 retailers are connected
  • A service provider for global processes
  • A complete digital value chain
  • Reduce the risk of incorrect deliveries
  • Free up your sales team with automated processes
  • Retain customers through digital networking
  • Increase your sales
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One step ahead of the competition

  • Gain a competitive edge over other software suppliers
  • Achieve greater presence by featuring on the nexmart website
  • Win new customers
  • Tap into new target groups
  • Enhance your own system
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The accelerator for your business processes

  • The simple way to get started with eBusiness
  • 100% digital ordering with documents to EDI
  • Win new customers
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Strengthen your brands
  • Increase your sales
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Our products

nexmart Connect

Get connected!

With nexmart Connect, we connect retailers and suppliers for fast, strategic, and error-free communication.

EDI Center
The EDI Center gives you and your customer the ideal solution for mapping a flawless EDI process.
documents to EDI
With documents to EDI, all orders you receive via e-mail, as a handwritten fax, or as a PDF, Excel or Word file are digitised automatically by nexmart and then transferred to you and archived via EDI.  
ERP Connect
ERP Connect enables interactive access to ERP systems for querying a wide range of data and information.
retail Connect
With retail Connect, you increase your sales by bringing prospective customers directly to your website to make purchases. Either with a personal consultation in your retail partners' regional branch stores or in their online shops directly.
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nexmart Online

Network with your industry!

nexmart Online brings retailers and suppliers together in an industry network. This gives you an efficient way to do business that saves you time and costs.

online market
Browse for products and spare parts, the latest prices and availabilities – all on a single platform.



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nexmart Mobile

Mobilise your forces!

Speed up searching and order entry with nexmart Mobile. You can use our products without being tied to your workstation.

sales App
Use our sales app as a source of information, for product advice, and to speed up your order entry. As a result, you'll benefit from enhanced field sales processes.
market App
With this app, you'll have the largest database in the construction industry in your pocket. The app's key areas of focus are tools, fittings, ironware, fastening technology, welding technology, gardening tools, security engineering and industrial technology, as well as work safety products and factory equipment.
mobile Scanner
This easy-to-use barcode scanner enables easy, fast, and error-free order entry.
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nexmart Data

Manage your data flow!

nexmart Data is your automatic data hub for easy customer- and format-specific data distribution.

data Abo

data Abo ensures an automatic, continuous supply of the latest data from your suppliers – in your preferred format.

data Cloud
Find more than 5 million up-to-date article data records in the data Cloud. These can be accessed by retailers from their ERP systems directly.
data View

data View enables the use of the best manufacturer product data directly at the Point of Sale – in the retailers' online shop, in specialist retail stores or on the product itself.

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