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To present a uniform image across the many different channels and touchpoints and offer customers up-to-date information, you have to provide your product data systematically, reliably, and of course, in real time.

In view of the rising number of sales channels and touchpoints, product data has to be systematically managed and reliably distributed. Manufacturers need to provide their information for the product catalog on their own website, for their retailers’ online shops and for physical stores, for example. Catalogs or brochures may also be printed in hard copy. The trick lies in precisely tailoring the provision of the product data to the channel’s requirements while also keeping the amount of work involved to a minimum.

Systematic distribution and perfect presentation

Are you a manufacturer who wants to efficiently provide your huge range of product data to all sales channels and touchpoints in a targeted manner? Then you have to set up the ideal interface for each channel – from both a technological and an organizational perspective.

The above actions all help you to ensure that your products are presented in a standardized and attractive manner across all channels – and that the customers of today can quickly find the information they are looking for.

Action areas: These are the areas where manufacturers and retailers are confronted by the greatest challenges

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