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About data Cloud

With data Cloud, manufacturers give their retailers direct access to product data via web service from the retailers’ ERP systems. Retailers can view the product data without having to transfer it into their own ERP systems directly. This means that retailers can use key words to search for products in their ERP systems, find information about individual products and then initiate an order directly. If retailers want to permanently store a product in their own ERP system, this can be done in just a few clicks and if ERP Connect is used alongside data Cloud, retailers can also view details of product availability, delivery dates and prices.

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Provision of the latest product data

Ability to make price and availability queries with ERP Connect möglich

Product search using the product number, product name or free text

Only in conjunction with data View

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How is data Cloud incorporated into my ERP system?

Whether a manufacturer or a retailer, data Cloud is directly integrated into your ERP system. This means that queries can be sent from the ERP system.

As a retailer, what information is available to me via data Cloud?
  • data Cloud gives you access to the full product ranges of the manufacturers that work with nexmart.
  • A simple search function enables you to find products and automatically transfer them to your ERP system. This includes their EAN, product number, short and long text or illustrations.
  • On request, you can also create your own products from this information.
  • Your net price and the product availability can also be determined.
What web services are required for data Cloud?
  • You need REST to conduct searches, display a list of products for selection and transfer the selected products.
  • SOAP is required to determine the net price and the product availability.
Can the web services REST and SOAP also be used separately in my ERP system?

Yes. For example, based on SOAP you can integrate a button for the net price and product availability into your ERP system.

Can data Cloud be used to transfer a product image?

Yes. You can directly and automatically transfer a product image into your ERP system using the REST web service.

How up to date is the data provided via data Cloud?

The product data is updated daily.

What information can be found using data Cloud?

You can search for a product number, product name or free text.

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