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About retail Connect

With retail Connect, manufacturers can integrate their retailers into their own websites, thereby ensuring a seamless customer journey. In practice, this means that most end customers begin to gather information about a product on the manufacturer's website. If that manufacturer doesn’t offer direct online sales, the customer will have to procure the product via a retailer. With retail Connect, the manufacturer’s website shows which retailers currently have a specific product in stock – either in an online shop or in a physical store location that is closest to the customer. The customer can click to select their preferred retailer and can then choose to purchase the product in the retailer’s online shop – a shopping basket can also be filled on the manufacturer’s website and transferred in full to the retailer’s shop. Alternatively, the customer can choose to reserve the product at the physical point of sale, view it there, in person, or receive advice and complete the purchase.

Please see our product flyer for more information. Download the PDF file now.
Please see our product flyer for more information. Download the PDF file now.

How retail Connect works


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retail Connect in practice

Andreas Diez is looking for a new barbecue. His online research takes him straight to the manufacturer’s website. The clever bit: on clicking the ‘Buy’ button on the manufacturer’s website, he is sent straight to the retailers. It couldn’t be simpler or more convenient. Andreas can then decide whether to buy his new barbecue in the online shop or at a specialist retailer near him. Both the manufacturer and the retailer increase their sales revenue, retailers are supported and the convenient purchasing processes ensure satisfied customers who will happily return in the future.


Will the retailers also incur costs when implementing retail Connect?

Each participating retailer is charged an operating fee for using retail Connect. In this context, it does not matter how many manufacturers a retailer is connected to in total.

Who contacts the retailers when retail Connect is implemented and discusses the details with them?

As a manufacturer, you should approach your retailers in advance with the general information (retail Connect documentation) and notify them about the technical requirements. The actual technical implementation will then be conducted by nexmart in cooperation with the retailer.

Who is responsible for the graphical implementation and technical integration into my website?

The graphical implementation and technical integration are the responsibility of you or your online/IT service provider. nexmart will provide the interface and all the necessary data and information.

Is there an analytics function? What can be analyzed?

As a manufacturer, you will receive an analysis of the use of retail Connect on your website. You can therefore track which retailer lists are queried for which products and which retailers have been selected for purchases.

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