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How the sales App works

The sales App in practice

As a manufacturer of domestic products with an ever growing range, your sales representative, Mr Fuchs, is constantly out and about visiting your retailers. The sales App enables him to use his tablet to view all the latest product information as well as prices and availabilities at any place or time – even when offline. This speeds up order processing, reduces the amount of work required when preparing for and following up on consultations and alleviates the workload for his office-based colleagues. It also gives him time for more customer meetings, thereby opening up additional lucrative sales opportunities.


Is sensitive company data stored in a cloud when the sales App is used?

No, with nexmart, data is stored on high-performance servers in Germany as well as in the sales App application on the tablet.

Is it also possible to use the sales App in countries other than Germany?

Yes, the sales App can also be used for other countries and national companies.

What advantages does the nexmart sales App offer compared to my mobile CRM solution?

The sales App is the central tool for mobile consultancy and order processing for your sales team – online and offline. As such, it effectively complements existing mobile CRM solutions.

With which operating systems is the sales App compatible?

The sales App will run on iOS and Windows operating systems.

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