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About EDI Connect

EDI Connect connects manufacturers’ ERP systems with retailers’ ERP systems. The clever bit is that, once a manufacturer has implemented the interface, it provides access to all retailers that use EDI Connect. And the same is true of access to the manufacturer for all retailers. In other words, EDI Connect creates an individual 1 to n connection that can be used to automate and scale the entire sales or purchasing process. A retailer sends an order to nexmart from the retailer's own ERP system. The order is then automatically forwarded to the manufacturer's ERP system. The manufacturer sends the order confirmation, delivery note and invoice to the retailer in the same way. All of this can be done in a wide range of formats and using many different transmission channels. The effort involved in recurring manual tasks is reduced. This not only ensures accelerated processing and lower costs, but also reduces errors.

Please see our product flyer for more information. Download the PDF file now.
Please see our product flyer for more information. Download the PDF file now.
EDI Connect – Efficiency booster for the sales process

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Our internal IT department can create its own interfaces to retailers. What use is the nexmart interface to me?

The benefit to you lies in the scalability. You only need one interface to connect to all retailers that already place EDI orders with nexmart. This not only reduces your initial costs when setting up the EDI interface, but also, and above all, lowers your ongoing operating costs for its maintenance. This is because you only need to coordinate any changes to your ERP system with one contact partner: nexmart.

How much time can I realistically expect my office staff to actually save?

The amount of time saved naturally depends on the actual number of orders and their scope.
Based on our experience, when using SAP, the average office worker requires three minutes per purchase order header and half a minute per order item. If you multiply these reference values by your average number of orders and order items, you can calculate the potential.

In what format can I send my orders?

nexmart offers you four standard formats: CSV 1 and 2, XML/Opentrans and EDIFACT. However, we will also gladly adapt to your formats. To do this, we simply need you to send us your order specifications and some test orders.

I want to place EDI/silent orders via nexmart. What requirements need to be met to do so?

If you want to send orders from your ERP system, this must be capable of placing orders. In this regard, it is important for the transmission path and desired format to be agreed with nexmart.

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