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About EDI to Mail

With EDI to Mail, manufacturers that have not yet implemented an interface with nexmart can receive orders electronically from all retailers that already use nexmart to manage their EDI processes. Retailers can initiate orders as usual from their ERP system or using mobile Scanner. The orders are received by nexmart and automatically converted into a PDF document. This is then sent by e-mail to the relevant manufacturer for further manual processing. The only requirement for manufacturers is that they send all the product numbers of the products in their ranges to nexmart in a one-time transfer.

All features at a glance

All orders via your EDI interface

Transfer confirmation possible for every order

Optional combination with mobile Scanner

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As a retailer, how can I place orders with manufacturers that do not use nexmart?

The orders are electronically sent via EDI from your ERP system or the mobile Scanner to nexmart. We convert them into PDF format and send them on to the relevant manufacturer.

Do I need to know what order methods are possible with which manufacturers?

No. You send all orders to nexmart via EDI. We then forward them on using the relevant defined communication channel – via EDI Connect in the case of manufacturers connected to nexmart and via EDI to Mail in the case of all other manufacturers.

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