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How data View works

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data View in practice

The Hänssler family is looking for a new pushchair. They conduct their research both in online shops and by visiting specialty stores. Wherever they look, extensive product information is available to them at all times: on the relevant product page in the online shop but also on digital displays in the specialty stores. This is because by using data View, manufacturers enable their retailers to present up-to-date information about their products at the point of sale. The Hänssler family therefore feels fully informed across all channels and can quickly choose their desired model.


What tasks do my retailers face during the implementation stage?

Depending on the requirements, retailers can choose between three different implementation options for data View. All options involve a manageable amount of setup work and simple execution.

Is data View SEO optimised?

No, data View is SEO neutral. This is necessary and expedient as several online shops can provide the same content when using data View. Being SEO optimized would lead to the online shops appearing lower down in the search engine rankings.

Can I analyse data with data View?

Yes. When using data View, reports can be created via Google Analytics.

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