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About documents to EDI

documents to EDI converts orders sent by a retailer to a manufacturer using a non-automated channel into electronic files, which can then be processed automatically by an ERP system. This includes faxes and e-mails with attached PDF, Word or Excel files. The content of the orders is also checked during processing. If errors are detected, the relevant order is not initially forwarded to the manufacturer's ERP system and is instead corrected automatically in accordance with a defined routine. If this is not possible, details of the erroneous order are sent to the manufacturer for clarification. The manufacturer can then implement corrections independently using a web interface.

Please see our product flyer for more information. Download the PDF file now.
documents to EDI – Faxes and emails for a higher EDI ratio

All features at a glance

Processing of e-mails, Excel, Word and PDF files and even handwritten fax orders

Identification of orders by comparing catalog data with header and item information

Delegation of unclear orders to your in-house sales team

Transmission of original documents for automatic archiving


How is an error rate of less than 1% possible when processing orders?

A nexmart employee checks the order documents that are automatically generated using the OCR engine. The recognized data is also compared with the known manufacturer data before being imported into your ERP system.

Can handwritten orders be processed through the system?

Yes, this is possible. Handwritten information is also recorded if it is sufficiently legible and has a uniform typeface.

Can incoming orders be parked?

Yes, we can park orders on request based on pre-defined rules.

Can ‘STOP codes’ be sent to my ERP system for certain orders?

Yes, you can define any number of codes and rules to be considered when posting to the ERP system.

Does the customer have to use specific templates for faxes or e-mails for the order to be automatically recognized?

No, the customer can place orders in the usual manner and format. nexmart’s OCR engine uses a keyword-based logic, which has been developed over many years. In the first step, the solution recognizes whether the incoming document is an order. In the second step, the customer’s key data is determined. Finally, the software records the individual order items.

How are orders transmitted if my ERP system is down and cannot receive EDI documents?

If your ERP system cannot be reached, a nexmart employee will contact you. Alternatively, orders will be transmitted via a pre-defined fallback route (e.g. e-mail, fax).

How long does it take for nexmart to check orders?

We agree on ‘cut-off times’ with manufacturers. Orders placed at least 30 minutes before the jointly agreed deadline will be processed the same day.

Will nexmart consider and evaluate my current order processes?

Yes. Based on an analysis of your current order processes, we will gladly advise you how gradual digitalization could occur.

Can I digitalize my order processes gradually?

Yes, the process implementation will take place at the speed you specify.

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