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For years, manufacturers have benefited from documents to EDI. nexmart’s solution automatically converts analogue orders placed by retailers into digital format so that they can be processed directly by the manufacturer’s ERP system. We work continuously to improve all of our solutions, and we’ve done the same for documents to EDI. Now with new functions, we have integrated the latest developments to bring even more sustainable value to your company.

Up until now you could convert orders sent by retailers in the form of a fax, a file (Word, Excel, PDF or TIF document) or an email into digital format. Now it is also possible to convert documents that are received as the body text of an email. This function is yet another way for retailers to send orders and increase the manufacturer’s processing efficiency.

The only technological requirement is that the emails must be sent in text format, not as HTML or in Rich Text Format, and they may not have attachments, embedded logos or signatures. Furthermore, it is important that all of the order details are readable without having to scroll down within the email. This applies to the delivery address, customer number, item and quantity. To ensure optimal processing, it is recommended to use standardized email templates and to always send only one document per data transmission.

Our tip: manufacturers can create the templates and provide them to retailers for use.

documents to EDI now simplifies electronic data exchange with a variety of useful functions. These include:

documents to EDI is currently implemented in 24 countries, such as the USA. If you would like to learn more about the solution or reap even more benefits from your documents to EDI solution, contact your personal eBusiness Manager.

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nexmart takes every care with your data. See our data privacy policy for details.

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