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nexmart offers you two solutions so you can get everything you need from your most important sales channels:

data Abo Amazon

data Abo Amazon is the key to a fully automated, up-to-date and above all, efficient transfer of your product data to the best sales-boosting online mail-order companies in the world.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Security: nexmart is one of seven certified Amazon Partners worldwide that automates product data management between the manufacturer and the platform using a defined standard format – your secure access to Amazon Feed Service (AFS).
  • Quality: Images, benefits, product description – provide consistent and correct information at all times.
  • Performance: The entire process is uncomplicated and lightning fast. Update your entire product range now in just a few minutes, not days like before.
  • Scalability: Maintain an overview and reap the benefits of the synergy effect: data Abo Amazon is the end-to-end solution for the entire Amazon Marketplace, and part of the nexmart data Abo overall solution.
  • Transparent process: From the definition of the data interface to the simple use of Amazon Feed Services; as a catalogue service provider (CSP), we support you from the very start and are here to assist and advise you.
  • Minimal manual work: The Amazon Vendor Portal automates product data maintenance – for all Amazon country groups.

The secret to successful sales is finding the right mix: Diversify your sales work alongside Amazon to strengthen your established retailer structures.

retail Connect

With retail Connect you pave the shortest path possible for your products to the end customer’s shopping basket, and turn prospects who visit your website into excited customers. We connect you to your retailers, stationary and online, and ensure an optimal and, above all, successful customer journey using where-to-buy-buttons.

Drive forward!

With nexmart as your partner, now is the time to drive the digitization of your most important revenue streams forward. Create efficient interfaces with retailers and end customers: with data Abo Amazon for lightning fast, automated product presentation with the most important online retailer in the world – and retail Connect, the most direct link between visitors to your website and your retailer’s shops.

Contact your nexmart eBusiness Manager for more information

We invite you to contact us for more information about Amazon data handling and for answers to all your questions about retail Connect. We look forward to consulting with you digitally and online.

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An overview of all nexmart solutions

data Abo

data Abo simplifies the data flow between manufacturers and retailers. Product data is individually supplied to each retailer and is always up to date across all channels.
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data Cloud

With data Cloud, manufacturers can directly provide their retailers with product data for their ERP system – free of charge.
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data View

data View enables you to present up-to-date, accurate and appealing product information at the point of sale – whether online or offline.
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documents to EDI

With documents to EDI, all orders – whether sent by email, fax, PDF, Excel or Word file – are automatically processed and then uploaded to your ERP system.
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EDI Connect

EDI Connect makes it easy to implement EDI ordering processes between manufacturers and retailers and to execute them consistently and automatically – without any need of paper.
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ERP Connect

With ERP Connect, retailers have access to up-to-date and reliable product information at all times – straight from the manufacturer’s ERP system.
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online Market

online Market connects 300+ manufacturers and 10,000+ retailers from the business-to-business sector. It is used to both search for products and conduct the entire order process.
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retail Connect

retail Connect directly forwards prospective customers from the manufacturer’s website to the retailers – either to their online shop or to the local retailers.
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sales App

The sales App is a source of information, which enables your sales representatives to optimally advise and sell to customers. They always have up-to-date data and speed up your order entry – even when offline.
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The TradeApp enables you to seamlessly enter your order directly from the shelf, product or the catalogue – including direct order dispatch and inventory function.
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