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To meet the high requirements set by customers, companies have to provide an uninterrupted customer journey with a perfect user experience. This enables them to broaden their coverage and improve customer loyalty.

Digitalisation has changed many things, especially the relationship between companies and their customers. For example, customers have far more power today than they did just a few years ago. This is partly because they can go online and find out all about companies, their products and their services – and make great use of this information. One interesting statistic in this regard is that, according to a study by the corporate consulting firm Roland Berger on the digital future of B2B sales, 57 percent of the purchasing process is already complete at the point a decision-maker contacts the sales team for the first time. A further factor is that customers can now compare offers from all over the world. And when doing so, the price is only one of the criteria that matter; the customised way in which companies treat their customers, the quality of the advice and the scope of the service are also equally important.

An uninterrupted customer journey and perfect user experience

Want to achieve permanent market success as a manufacturer or retailer? Then you have to meet your customers’ high requirements – along the entire customer journey and at all digital and analogue touchpoints.

Fortunately, digitalisation has not only led to an increase in customers’ expectations; innovative technologies also enable companies to meet the changing requirements.

Action areas: These are the areas where manufacturers and retailers are confronted by the greatest challenges

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