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About EDI Clearing

With EDI Clearing, manufacturers and retailers can check whether the content of documents that are electronically exchanged via EDI Connect is correct. For manufacturers, EDI Clearing automatically compares all incoming orders with the product data stored by nexmart. For retailers, the solution automatically identifies whether the order confirmations contain all required information. If errors or missing information are detected in the orders or order confirmations, this can usually be corrected or added using pre-defined routines, without interrupting the overall process. The data is then transferred in its correct and complete form to the manufacturer’s or retailer’s ERP system. If incorrect documents cannot be corrected automatically, the manufacturer and retailer are informed by e-mail so that the situation can be jointly clarified.

All features at a glance

On the manufacturer side, orders are checked against catalogue data and customer master data with mandatory fields

At retailers, order confirmations are checked against the delivery dates and customer-specific prices with mandatory fields

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What is checked in the case of incoming orders?

When an order is received, it is compared against catalogue and customer master data. The fields in question must be constantly populated mandatory fields.

What aspects are considered when checking the order confirmations?

EDI Clearing compares order confirmations against delivery dates and prices. The fields in question must be constantly populated mandatory fields. The time-consuming task of manual post-processing is no longer required.

As a manufacturer or retailer, do I have to play an active role in the order process?

No. You do not need to do anything as nexmart performs the entire check and processes it via the existing nexmart interface.

What is the benefit of using EDI Clearing – compared with EDI processes that do not involve EDI Clearing?

In the case of EDI processes without Clearing, approximately every other order contains errors and can therefore not be automatically processed by the system. With EDI Clearing all orders are compared with existing product master data. In the case of deviations, either a message is sent to the retailer and manufacturer to eliminate the error or pre-defined conversion rules can be applied – for example from items to packs in the case of quantity units.
The entire EDI process is therefore optimised, right through to the invoicing stage. This makes your processes more efficient as far fewer manual interventions are required.

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